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Have your say - share your thoughts on the proposal for devolution.

What is devolution? In England, devolution is the transfer of powers and funding from national to local government. Many people believe it is important because it ensures that decisions are made closer to the local people, communities and businesses they affect. The Local Government Association states, "Without devolution, decisions will continue to be made in Westminster, removed from communities that they affect". The LGA believes that devolution offers more effective, better-targeted public services, greater growth and stronger partnerships between public, private and community leaders in local areas. 

Lincolnshire County Council (LCC), North Lincolnshire Council (NLC) and North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) have secured a devolution deal with the government worth over £750 million, which, if progressed, means money and power can move from government to decision-makers in Greater Lincolnshire. The councils must now produce a draft proposal and consult with the public - so whether you are 'for' or 'against', this is your chance to let LCC, NLC and NELC know your thoughts on the proposal. Consultation is open until 29 January 2024. 

You can read the draft proposal and the link to the survey (which takes about 10 minutes to complete) via this link. https://www.letstalk.lincolnshire.gov.uk/devolution

Published: Monday, 4th December 2023